Alberta Healthy Living Program pilots a course on ME/CFS

The Alberta Healthy Living Program offers free, province wide, patient education on a wide variety of topics of interests to readers of this newsletter including chronic pain, pacing, sleep, diet, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and mood.

A group of hard working expert patients has developed a creative, engaging 2 hour session which will run in Calgary in the fall 2017/winter 2018.

We need patients to join us online on Monday May 22nd to provide feedback as we do a run-through of the course.
To join us on May 22nd, contact Dr. Stein by email or phone.

We need Calgary based facilitators (teachers) for this course.
If you have teaching and/or presentation skills and are interested please contact Dr. Stein for more information. You will receive training and practice and will always have a teaching partner.

Thank You to the new Canadian non-profit Action CIND who provided web access for our meetings and developed some short video clips for the course

Thank You to the ME Society of Edmonton who is supporting this program with honoraria for the expert patient facilitators.

Click here for the schedule of upcoming programs through the Alberta Healthy Living Program

We hope the course will be well received and will grow to other areas of the province.  Please mention the course to your health care professional.