International Awareness Day Pictures

International Awareness Day
Calgary, Canada

Here are the pictures of the Langevin Bridge in Calgary lit to celebrate 2014 International Awareness Day for ME/CFS, FM and MCS.  Blue represents ME/CFS, purple Fibromyalgia and green MCS. The pictures were taken by local photographer Justin Smith. THANKS Justin.





You can see more of Justin’s work at:

Highlights from the IACFS/ME meeting available online

At the end of each IACFS/ME conference is has become a tradition that Dr. Anthony Komaroff a professor at Harvard gives a summary of the highlights of the conference. This year’s presentation was particularly good and has been recorded.

Click here to listen to the audio of Dr. Komaroff’s 47 minute talk and view the slides (synched to audio).

Mom Needs to Lie Down available for viewing on YouTube

“Mom Needs to Lie Down” is an 11 minute short film by Winnipeg film maker Taylor Leslie-Cole. The film premiered in Winnipeg last night to a full house at the “Free Press Café”.

The showing was followed by a Q&A with myself, Mindy Campbell ND and Lorilee Leslie-Cole who featured in the film and is the mother of the film maker.

Taylor’s next project is to make a short 2 – 3 minute version of the film with subtitles that can be shown in medical waiting rooms across Canada to raise awareness of ME/CFS.

Click here to view “Mom Needs to Lie Down”. Taylor can also be reached directly through her email:

Click here to view Taylor Cole and Mindy Campbell ND on Winnipeg Breakfast Television from March 2, 2014.

New Paper Posted

Overcoming challenges in therapeutic relationships with patients with ME/CFS

This paper, 3 years in the writing is a contribution towards improving the notoriously problematic therapeutic relationships between patients with ME/CFS and health care practitioners. My patients continually tell me of problems they encounter with other practitioners (and I’m sure sometimes with myself).

Eva Stormorken a nurse and PhD candidate who runs groups for ME/CFS and myself have listened to our patients and colleagues and have highlighted the most common challenges that arise. We then formulated solutions to those challenges. Dr. Bengt Karlsson, a nursing academic, helped us find language to describe our patient centered, collaborative approach.

Like the Psychiatric Guidelines paper I wrote in 2005, we submitted this paper to several journals and it was declined by all. Likely this is in part due to it being a theoretical paper and not research based. We feel having a strong therapeutic relationship is an essential prerequisite for good clinical care.

We hope the paper will be widely read and the hypotheses tested by others. 

Click here to read the paper.

Eleanor Stein is interviewed by Jerre Paquette

Three Part Video interview: Dr. Jerre Paquette is a retired associate professor, award-winning teacher, author of “Eat to Save Your Life”, and public speaker. His website can be found at:

Jerre interviewed me about ME/CFS: what it is? who gets it? how it is diagnosed? what can people do to manage their illness? and why I am hopeful that things are getting better in Canada.

The interview is in three parts and is aimed at the general public, not necessarily people who are highly educated about ME/CFS. Please pass the website address to anyone you think might be interested.

Each of the three parts is approximately 15 minutes long. Here are the videos: