International Awareness Day Pictures

International Awareness Day
Calgary, Canada

Here are the pictures of the Langevin Bridge in Calgary lit to celebrate 2014 International Awareness Day for ME/CFS, FM and MCS.  Blue represents ME/CFS, purple Fibromyalgia and green MCS. The pictures were taken by local photographer Justin Smith. THANKS Justin.





You can see more of Justin’s work at:

International Awareness Day Calgary

May 12th International Awareness Day Calgary Event speaker videos posted

The first presentation is by Janet Sperling MSc, Lyme researcher and CanLyme board member. Janet lives in Edmonton, Alberta. She spoke on the BC Complex Chronic Disease Clinic and on testing for Lyme in Alberta. She also presented some of her own research showing the mindnumbing complexity of tick ecosystems.

Click Here to view Janet’s presentation which is 30 minutes including Q&A. The first minute or so of Janet’s talk occurred before we pushed the record button. The next presentation is by Andreas Kogelnik, Founder of the Open Medicine Institute and Infectious Disease specialist in Mountain View California. He talked about the Open Medicine Institute concept. The last part of Dr. Kogelnik’s talk was cut off due to a lost internet connection.

Click here to view Andreas’ talk which is about 25 minutes. There is no Q&A due to the lost connection. The third talk was by Lucinda Bateman MD an internist, ME/CFS and FM clinician in Salt Lake City Utah. She presented the research of Alan and Kathy Light, her collaborators from the University of Utah and a comprehensive yet elegant clinical approach to ME/CFS.

Click here to watch Dr. Bateman’s talk which including Q&A is approximately 1 hour.