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PDF September 2019 Newsletter

Newsletter content: 2 new resources for medical practitioners 1. US Clinical Guidelines for diagnosing and treating ME/CFS and JAMA article by Harvard professor Anthony Komaroff + much more.


PDF April 2019 Newsletter

Newsletter content: Summary of the NIH Accelerating Research on ME/CFS April 4-5 2019.


PDF February 2019 Newsletter

Newsletter content: A summary of Stephen Porges’ “The Pocket Guide to the Polyvagal Theory”.  How the Autonomic Nervous System informs treatment of chronic conditions.


PDF December 2018 FM Update

Newsletter content: An update on the central sensitization hypothesis of Fibromyalgia and other chronic pain disorders.


PDF December 2018 Newsletter

Newsletter content: Dr. Robert Naviaux on The Healing Cycle and finding the best diet for you: fasting, intermittent metabolic switching, ketosis and stabilizing blood glucose – pulling it all together.


PDF March 2018 Newsletter

Newsletter content: Educational events on neuroplasticity and chronic pain, research on Post Exertional Malaise and Dietary fat (separate studies), fragrance free product list and


PDF May 2017 Newsletter

Newsletter content: June 16th webinar on Disability Supports in Canada, Alberta Healthy Living Program volunteers needed, Heart Math


PDF January 2017 Newsletter

Newsletter content: Afternoon of Hope, Joint Hypermobility Syndrome/Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility type, Research by Fluge & Mella


PDF  October 2016 Newsletter

Newsletter content: New book, New metabolomics research, New groups


PDF  May 2016 Newsletter

Newsletter content: New research at the Open Medicine Foundation


PDF April 2016 Newsletter

Newsletter Content: NEW Clinical Practice Guidelines for ME/CFS


PDF February 2016 Newsletter

Newsletter content: Space available in several psychotherapy groups


PDF December 2015 Newsletter

Newsletter content: Relaxation Audio Files and New ME/CFS research


PDF October 2015 Newsletter

Newsletter content: Influenza vaccination, Canadian Registered Disability Savings Plan


PDF June 2015 Newsletter

Newsletter content: Mixed practice related items


PDF March 2015 Newsletter

Newsletter content: 3 US Government Reports validate ME/CFS


PDF January 2015 Newsletter

Newsletter content: New Fibromyalgia Research: Small Fiber Neuopathy on Skin Biopsy


PDF August-2014-Newsletter.pdf

Newsletter content: New Website for Educational Events


PDF April-2014-Newsletter1.pdf

Newsletter content: Risks of Sleep Medications


PDF August-2013-Newsletter.pdf

Newsletter content: 4 new FM papers


PDF June-2013-Newsletter.pdf

Newsletter content: Commentary on the Canadian FM Guidelines and new dementia research


PDF Feb-2013-Newsletter-web-version.pdf

Newsletter content: Calcium supplementation – more is not better


PDF Jan-2013-NewsLetter.pdf

Newsletter content: Infection testing now available through Calgary Lab Services


PDF November-2012-newsletter.pdf

Newsletter content: More on IBS, New Canadian FM Guidelines


PDF September-2012-Newsletter.pdf

Newsletter content: New research on Irritable Bowel Syndrome


PDF May-2012-Newsletter.pdf

Newsletter content: Manual launch


PDF March-2012-Newsletter.pdf

Newsletter content: Mixed practice related items


PDF Sept-2011-Newsletter.pdf

Newsletter content: Mixed practice related items


PDF May-2011-Newsletter.pdf

Newsletter content: Mixed practice related items