Dr. Stein’s Partial Leave of Absence

I have decided to take a partial sabbatical from Monday Sept 4th until the end of 2017 (with the possibility of an extension if needed).  I am taking this time to attend to my own health and life – to walk the walk of pacing and self care.

During this time,

  • I will continue with all the groups currently underway and may start new PEG, Curing Persistent Pain and Sleep groups as current groups finish.
  • I will continue to study and read the literature. I may publish news letters if important events occur.

During this time,

  • You will need to rely on your family physician and other providers for medication renewals and ongoing needs.
  • I will not schedule any individual appointments or assessments.
  • I will not refill prescriptions, fill out disability forms, order tests or make referrals.
  • I will not take new referrals except for the groups mentioned above.
  • I will not respond to emails or phone calls from patients except those relating to the groups or regarding follow up on investigations or consultations requested by me prior to Sept 4th.

Support while I am on leave

  • If your family physician requests support, I will book a phone call with them to discuss your care or disability needs.
  • The office will be open approximately one day per week to respond to administrative requests such as forwarding information to other providers.
  • Requests from third parties such as insurance companies will be forwarded to the physician of your choice and the company will be advised that I am unavailable.
  • Legal requests will be responded to.


  • If you want me to contact your family physician or write them a letter updating them about your health prior to Sept 4th please discuss with me in person prior to my leave.
  • I will ensure that everyone currently on the appointment wait list and those who need an appointment to plan for the leave are seen in person prior to Sept 4th.
  • If you are using triplicate prescriptions please talk to your family physician requesting coverage while I am away since I cannot give you a 4 month prescription.
  • If you do not have or lose your family physician please go to the AHS web page on how to find a doctor: http://www.albertahealthservices.ca/info/Page13253.aspx

Thank you to those of you who have already supported my decision.

Ellie Stein