In this manual Dr. Stein shares the ideas and strategies that she has found to be the most successful for patients in her ME/CFS, FM and MCS practice.

Readers are guided through a 260 page, 4-month program specific to these conditions. There are scores of management suggestions and tools for how to use them.

Mission: better health.

“Let your light shine through” includes self-management strategies and strategies that require the assistance of a health care professional. The manual is available in several formats.

The e-Manual is a downloadable zipped file containing 13 pdf files. Each file is separate so that you can more easily find, read and print only what you wish. You are encouraged to print many copies of the chart/tools as you require for personal use. These tools will set you on the path to improved health.

Hard copies of the Manual are available in a Black & White and a Color Coil Bound version both with bonus CD.

The CD contains the data of the entire manual with a newly added index to find things more easily. You may use the CD to print extra copies of the charts and diagrams for your personal use. There are some amazing art and photos in the manual as well as charts which are more meaningful in color.

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Manual Contents
260 pages

  • Cover and Manual Information (5 pg)
  • Introduction (14 pg)
  • Session 1 – Laying the Foundation (28 pg)
  • Session 2 – Sleep Management (22 pg)
  • Session 3 – Activity, Pacing, and the Autonomic Nervous System (27 pg)
  • Session 4 – Coping With Chronic Illness (25 pg)
  • Session 5 – Management of Diet and Gastrointestinal Symptoms (26 pg)
  • Session 6 – Lowering the Toxic Load (19 pg)
  • Session 7 – Pain Management (23 pg)
  • Session 8 – Depression and Anxiety (25 pg)
  • Session 9 – Common Treatments (26 pg)
  • Conclusion – Putting It All Together (8 pg)

Charts and Tools:

  • Adapted Karnofsky Energy Rating Scale
  • Functional Capacity Scale
  • Sleep Chart
  • Sleep Chart Adapted for Mood Activity
  • Log Diet Diary
  • Activity and Symptoms Chart