Dr. Stein’s Partial Leave of Absence

I have decided to take a partial sabbatical from Monday Sept 4th until the end of 2017 (with the possibility of an extension if needed).  I am taking this time to attend to my own health and life – to walk the walk of pacing and self care.

During this time,

  • I will continue with all the groups currently underway and may start new PEG, Curing Persistent Pain and Sleep groups as current groups finish.
  • I will continue to study and read the literature. I may publish news letters if important events occur.

During this time,

  • You will need to rely on your family physician and other providers for medication renewals and ongoing needs.
  • I will not schedule any individual appointments or assessments.
  • I will not refill prescriptions, fill out disability forms, order tests or make referrals.
  • I will not take new referrals except for the groups mentioned above.
  • I will not respond to emails or phone calls from patients except those relating to the groups or regarding follow up on investigations or consultations requested by me prior to Sept 4th.

Support while I am on leave

  • If your family physician requests support, I will book a phone call with them to discuss your care or disability needs.
  • The office will be open approximately one day per week to respond to administrative requests such as forwarding information to other providers.
  • Requests from third parties such as insurance companies will be forwarded to the physician of your choice and the company will be advised that I am unavailable.
  • Legal requests will be responded to.


  • If you want me to contact your family physician or write them a letter updating them about your health prior to Sept 4th please discuss with me in person prior to my leave.
  • I will ensure that everyone currently on the appointment wait list and those who need an appointment to plan for the leave are seen in person prior to Sept 4th.
  • If you are using triplicate prescriptions please talk to your family physician requesting coverage while I am away since I cannot give you a 4 month prescription.
  • If you do not have or lose your family physician please go to the AHS web page on how to find a doctor: http://www.albertahealthservices.ca/info/Page13253.aspx

Thank you to those of you who have already supported my decision.

Ellie Stein

We are now open for out of town referrals

After taking over 2 years to clear the backlog of referrals, we are making progress and are welcoming new referrals from out of town clients. Please see the October 2016 Newsletter for details.  The waitlist for Calgary and area referrals remains closed.  People who have attended the psychoeducational group are being offered assessments before we open to new referrals.

There is a lot to be excited about in terms of new research and treatment ideas.  After returning from the IACFS/ME conference in Fort Lauderdale, I will work to translate what I have learned at conferences over the past few months to present at various groups and maybe at an education meeting. 

The May 12th event will be webcast live and recorded.

Information about how to join the webcast will be posted shortly. If you want to be notified directly go to the contact us page and ask to join the newsletter list.

I am very excited to partner with Self Connection Books for this landmark event. May 12th is celebrated all over the world by patients with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and their supporters. It is also a day of advocacy and awareness.

The 2013 Calgary May 12th program will for the first time in Calgary use technology to allow the best speakers to present exciting information about treatment advances by two way web link. The audience will be able to hear and interact with the speakers in real time.

Click here to see the May 12 Event Information Poster.

Click here to read about the Speakers.

How to improve relations between patients and practitioners … New paper posted on publications page.

This paper, 3 years in the writing is a contribution towards improving the notoriously problematic therapeutic relationships between patients with ME/CFS and health care practitioners. My patients continually tell me of problems they encounter with other practitioners (and I’m sure sometimes with myself). Eva Stormorken a nurse and PhD candidate who runs groups for ME/CFS and myself have listened to our patients and colleagues and have highlighted the most common challenges that arise. We then formulated solutions to those challenges. Dr. Bengt Karlsson, a nursing academic, helped us find language to describe our patient centered, collaborative approach. Like the Psychiatric Guidelines paper I wrote in 2005, we submitted this paper to several journals and it was declined by all. Likely this is in part due to it being a theoretical paper and not research based. We feel having a strong therapeutic relationship is an essential prerequisite for good clinical care. We hope the paper will be widely read and the hypotheses tested by others. Click here to read the paper.

Letter to Editor in response to paper by Fitzcharles et al on Fibromyalgia in CMAJ

In my November 2012 newsletter I commented on the then just published Canadian Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Fibromyalgia. Canadian FM Guidelines On May 6th 2013 the same group that wrote the Canadian Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment of Fibromyalgia wrote a summary paper in the CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal). This paper did not have the same tone as the original guidelines and I wrote a letter to the editor with some concerns which was published on line on May 13th 2013. Although the May 6th paper is behind a paywall, the letters to the editor (mine and the reply from Dr. Fitzcharles) are available by clicking here.

Calgary May 12 Webcast is posted

The first presentation is by Janet Sperling MSc, Lyme researcher and CanLyme board member. Janet lives in Edmonton, Alberta. She spoke on the BC Complex Chronic Disease Clinic and on testing for Lyme in Alberta. She also presented some of her own research showing the mindnumbing complexity of tick ecosystems.

Click Here to view Janet’s presentation which is 30 minutes including Q&A. The first minute or so of Janet’s talk occurred before we pushed the record button. The next presentation is by Andreas Kogelnik, Founder of the Open Medicine Institute and Infectious Disease specialist in Mountain View California. He talked about the Open Medicine Institute concept. The last part of Dr. Kogelnik’s talk was cut off due to a lost internet connection.

Click here to view Andreas’ talk which is about 25 minutes. There is no Q&A due to the lost connection. The third talk was by Lucinda Bateman MD an internist, ME/CFS and FM clinician in Salt Lake City Utah. She presented the research of Alan and Kathy Light, her collaborators from the University of Utah and a comprehensive yet elegant clinical approach to ME/CFS.

Click here to watch Dr. Bateman’s talk which including Q&A is approximately 1 hour.

3 Part Video interview: Dr. Eleanor Stein is interviewed by Jerre Paquette

Jerre Paquette is a retired associate professor, award-winning teacher, author of Eat to Save Your Life, and public speaker. His website can be found at: http://www.eattosaveyourlife.com/

Jerre interviewed me about ME/CFS: what it is? who get it? how it is diagnosed? what can people do to manage their illness? and why I am hopeful that things are getting better in Canada.

The interview is in three parts and is aimed at the general public, not necessarily people who are highly educated about ME/CFS.

Please pass the website address to anyone you think might be interested.

Each of the three parts is approximately 15 minutes long. Here are the videos: