International Awareness Day Event – May 4, 2013

Due to the positive feedback from last year’s event at Self Connection Books in Calgary we are holding another afternoon of education and fellowship at the book store.

You may join this event in person at Self Connection Books in Calgary or be webcast. Those joining by webcast will be able to hear and see the speakers, view their slides and ask questions in real time. There will be three speakers each presenting for 40 – 45 minutes.

Craig Young, Biological Dentist will explore the intimate relationship of the mouth and body including wellness, disease, prevention, diet, nutrition and lifestyle. He will discuss the links between ME/CFS, FM, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, and oral health and more! Heavy metal toxicity will also be explored. Dr. Young’s website is under development

Staci Stevens, Exercise Physiologist at the Work Well Foundation and IACFS/ME board member. She will talk about exercise testing and how to exercise safely. Staci spoke at the 2008 Calgary Conference and is back by popular demand. Ms. Stevens will join us by web connection. Her website is:

Jarred Younger, Pain Researcher is an Assistant Professor of Pain Management at the Stanford University School of Medicine. Dr. Younger directs the Adult and Pediatric Pain Lab at Stanford, and is an expert on fibromyalgia. He will be discussing advances in our understanding of fibromyalgia, and treatments for the disorder that may become available in the next few years. He will speak by web connection. Dr. Younger has since moved to the University of Alabama. 

For information on his new research program click here.

Registration is a flat fee of $10.00 + GST for all participants.

You may register on line at: or through Dr. Stein’s office: by Email: Phone: 403 287-9941 or Fax: 403 287-9958

Highlights from the IACFS/ME meeting available online

At the end of each IACFS/ME conference is has become a tradition that Dr. Anthony Komaroff a professor at Harvard gives a summary of the highlights of the conference. This year’s presentation was particularly good and has been recorded.

Click here to listen to the audio of Dr. Komaroff’s 47 minute talk and view the slides (synched to audio).